World's Perfect Model Search

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2 topics you would like to discuss during your on stage question: (Baby,  Toddler and Little Miss age divisions are exempt)

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Ages 0-23 months : Baby
Ages 2-3 years : Toddler
Ages 4-7 years : Little Miss
Ages 8-12 years : Preteen
Ages 13-15 years : Junior Teen
Ages 16-39 years : Men (Single, Married, Divorced, or with children)
Ages 16-19 years : Teen
Ages 20-29 years : Miss (Married, Single, Divorced w/children OK)
Ages 30-49 years : Woman (Single, Married, Divorced, or with children)
Ages 50 years and beyond : Miss Classic Woman (Single, Married, Divorced, or with children)


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World’s Perfect Pageant / Model Search

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For accommodations, please reserve your hotel room as soon as possible! Space is limited. Let them know you are with the World's Perfect Model Search in order to receive your special rate. All reservations are on a space-available basis, so don’t delay — reserve today!

AGE DIVISIONS: At the World's Perfect Model Search, each contestant must compete in the age division as of the contestant’s age as of July 27th of the competition year.


There are no refunds on any entry fees, misc. services and/or items purchased at any of the pageants/workshops/lessons.